Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Walk Can Get You Thinking

Last night I did something I hope to do on a regular basis. I went for a good walk. That's right. I have a goal to exercise and get leaner, better looking! You know what I mean. I walked for about an hour. Boy was that an hour.

I processed so many things on this walk. First, I thought a lot about the reason I was walking. Then I thought about the things I used to enjoy doing but have little time for these days. Things like golf and going to the gym. I reminded myself these are things I have to make time for. So, I will work on it and let you know.

I think during most of the walk, I thought about being a business owner and the freedom and personal satisfaction that goes with being your own boss. I also thought about the challenges that go with it as well. But one thought consumed me. What can I do to enjoy more success? Have you ever had the same thought? I am sure you have.

For some reason, the answer to my question came to the light. I was hearing the words of Zig Ziglar. Yep, Mr. Ziglar. He always says "you can have what ever you want by helping enough people get what they want." Until my walk, his words appeared lost to me. But now, I was seriously entertaining the meaning of these words.

After much thought about what I want, I asked another question of myself. What do other people want? Obviously, the answer has a broad scope. So, I began to think about in it relative terms. I modified the question a little and asked myself what do I have or what can I offer that people want? Boy, that loaded me up. I am now on a mission to figure that out. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, here is a little suggestion for you. Take a walk. And while you are at it, ponder these questions yourself.

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