Saturday, August 29, 2009

Understand Change in Business

This week I have been preparing to speak to my local business association. I am confident they will enjoy what I share with them. I am not bragging, I just know the information will be helpful to those who choose to apply it. It would be for anyone interested in knowing the real truth about CHANGE. Now, before you think to yourself – what does CHANGE have to do with business? Let me say it is more than you think. Here is a question for you…, and you need to think deeply before you answer- are you ready?

What was your state of mind when you made your last major buying decision?

Were you anxious, excited or indifferent? The odds are you were a little anxious or excited - but why? It was about the change you were making. Certainly there is more to every story, but if you are human (I know you are) there is little chance that an element of excitement was not present when you decided to buy. But this thought only scratches the surface of what’s true.

There’s more and that is what I will covey to members of the business association. The difference it will make is they will gain a better understanding of what moves people to buy. And, by understanding it they will be better able to help their prospects and clients. That translates into more business success.

Everyone knows change is real, but understanding its relevance is crucial. Can you imagine?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Looking Back to Move Forward

This morning I was thinking of things I accomplished in the past couple days and decided to review my work. Have you ever done that? If you haven’t you should occasionally do that. It is often pleasing to see work you have accomplished, but sometimes it can be little disappointing. That is when you realize you have an opportunity to improve.

Yesterday, August 20th, I posted my first blog message. If you read it, you know it was referring to business, change and control. I think it was a thoughtful short piece of information to share. The objective was to stimulate your thinking. There was not much depth to it - that is by design. However upon reviewing what I wrote I realized you – “the reader,” might feel a little confused by my wording or leaving out a word in the final paragraph. Imagine that!

If you noticed the omission, boy are you a sharp one. If you didn’t what does that say about you? I am just kidding – a little. Maybe you read it so quickly you unconsciously added the word I missed to complete the thought. There is also a chance that you made a judgment about me and my attention to detail.

Whatever is true, it is a reminder to me and to you that we need to check and recheck our work. Unfortunately, we all know we are often judged by the simple things in life. You say what?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

It Stands Between You and New Business?

In times like these we often wonder what can I do to drive more business. You think you might achieve more if you work a little harder or get a lucky break. This falls under the category of doing the same things and expecting more or new results. How has that worked for you so far?

You probably know where I am going with this, ... or do you? If you are thinking you need to work smarter not necessarily harder you're on the right track. But what does that mean? Well, it seems to me it is important to really understand the dynamic of change. That's right, that word that we really don't understand very well-"Change." If fact, most of us believe the main thing about change is we are all highly resistive to it. That is not true. We experience it everyday. What does it have to do with you and new business? Consider this, it is the greatest obstacle that stands between you and new business. So you ask, is that true? I believe it is true.

Change is about control - gaining it, keeping it, or losing it. To take it a step further, it is important understand it is relevant to you, your customer, client or prospect. So, the real challenge is finding out how to satisfy your need and your client's by managing the issue of control. Imagine that!