Thursday, July 8, 2010

An Investment In Future of Business

Late last month, I volunteered a few hours of my time to be with a few thousand Human Resource Management Professionals attending the SHRM Conference in San Diego, California. Actually about 12,000 people attended the conference from all across the nation. Plus, a few celebrities showed up with inspiring messages including Steve Forbes, Marcus Buckingham, Al Gore and Angelia Herrin. There was also entertainment from “Hall and Oates.” Anyone know who they are? Smile!

The conference theme this year was “A New Time for Growth – A New Focus on HR.” I agree with the theme and think it was on point. We all need to keep growing and be better focused to produce the results we want. For HR Professionals, it means learning ways to be of greater value to the organizations which employ them.

Here’s my take. I was pleased to see so many committed professional people in one place (beautiful San Diego :). I was however a little surprised how many of them came, considering the belt tightening we have all experienced recently. Thankfully, it seems many business organizations recognize that the continuing education of their HR professional is an important investment in the future for their businesses. I applaud them. It is all about looking forward. Their actions should be seen as an exercise of confidence in their businesses, their people (employees), our economy and our nation’s future.

It is always wonderful to be around women and men of vision. Imagine that.