Friday, March 19, 2010

No Standing Still

Spring is here! If you have been paying attention then you and your business are ready to bloom. It does not happen by accident. Of course, this you already know. It will happen because you were steadfast in your effort to create the results you want. Congratulations!

What next?

Stay tuned in. Review your goals and the actions you have taken up to this point. Be sure to tweak where needed. This is not time to rest. You are hopefully in momentum. That means you gave enough of a push to get your rocket off the launching pad. Keep an eye on your instrument panel. It will help you steer beyond the unexpected and any dangers. After all, you are now exploring a new world -- a world that is full of the unknown.

Strangely enough, the biggest unknown for most people is themselves. We typically look outside ourselves to determine what we should do next. My early reference to the instrument panel is about eyeing what’s inside of you. I am sure you understand. We must continue to develop ourselves. I heard it said that “we are either growing or we are dying.” There is no standing still. Which direction are you going?