Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Leaders Are Readers

"Leaders are Readers" I don’t remember where or when I heard that statement. But I was very impressed and I believe it is mostly true. I say mostly because it does depend on what you read. I don’t think it was intended to mean leaders are people who read celebrity gossip. You know what I mean.

Today, while waiting for my office appointment I picked up a magazine to read. It was a financial magazine, of course. The magazine featured some of the best Financial Advisors in the Los Angeles area. These are professional people who are very successful and who do well for the clients. Each advisor was asked a few questions including what is the minimum investment amount required for new clients. I was immediately disqualified by their answers. Maybe you can qualify.

Nevertheless, I was intrigued with one other question asked of these advisors. The question was – What book are you now reading? That was it and I was fascinated to read their responses. Unfortunately I can’t recall all the names of the books they are reading. What I can tell you is they are reading books that were written to inspire and educate. Can you imagine? These are already successful people and they are feeding their minds with new ideas and helpful information. So there you have it. Leaders are indeed readers.

Here’s my question to you (Rhetorically). What book are you now reading? Let me suggest a couple for you. Both are very easy to read. "Go-Givers" and "Go-Givers Sell More"

Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Full Plate

When I was growing up my mother would always tell me to eat everything on my plate. She would add that there were people starving in other parts of world. These very people would love to have what I had on my plate. She made her point. So, I ate everything that was placed in front of me – so did my brothers and sister.

Some lessons are hard to unlearn. Now that I am all grown up (I have been for a few years) I can now decide for myself what I am going to eat or not. This is also true about my workload. At least I like to think so.

On this Sunday before Memorial Day, I am consumed with thoughts of work that has to get done. Yes, my plate is full again. This time no one is telling me I have to eat it all. I just know I do. If I don’t I will have serious leftovers. These are the kind that cannot be refrigerated or put on ice. They are the kind that can’t be thrown out.

So, I don’t really have a choice here. I have to do the work or deal with the consequences. I am sure it’s happen to you. You find you have so many things on your plate but little or no time to get it all done. What do you do? Answer!

You get it done. I mean, you eat it all one bite at a time. Here is when I suggest reading the book – “Eat That Frog,” by Brian Tracy. It may seem like a stretch considering the way I started this message, but believe me it is on point.

If you want to manage what’s on your plate this time and the next time (there will be a next time) the book offers great tips. It is a good read and I recommend it to anyone who wants to have cake – after eating of course.

If you are grown up like me, you want your cake and to eat it too.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Is It Urgent or Important?

I am someone who shouldn't be, but I am often surprised when people I know respond slowly or not at all to emails I send them. I am still trying to figure it out. I mean they don't even read them. What's up here?

In an earlier entry I talked about the lack of response to phone calls. Yes, it seems some of us are too busy to return phone calls. But these are not telemarketing calls. I am talking about calls from friends and associates.

I now accept the theory regarding this lack or no response. And, that is our communication technology and the constant flow of messages have prompted us to guard ourselves from information overload. So we don't respond until we feel good and ready.

But wait! Good and ready for what and who? Think of it, if you get a message marked urgent do you read it? I guess it depends on who sent it and what it is about. I am the same as you. But, the question I ask myself is who says it's urgent or important and do I agree. Is this coming from someone I am familiar with, and I know and trust?

I hope you follow me here. If you don't you maybe lost longer than you need to be.

Now I have an important and urgent message for you.

NOW is the time to join me and become an Affiliate with "WOW WE." Yes, I know that no one thing is right for everyone, but this is close.

I suggest that you not ignore or put it off. Learn about it, and ask yourself:
What's in it for you, your business and other people you know and care about.

Then if you decide it provides the type service and value you want, take action. Below is a weblink to begin.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Walk Can Get You Thinking

Last night I did something I hope to do on a regular basis. I went for a good walk. That's right. I have a goal to exercise and get leaner, better looking! You know what I mean. I walked for about an hour. Boy was that an hour.

I processed so many things on this walk. First, I thought a lot about the reason I was walking. Then I thought about the things I used to enjoy doing but have little time for these days. Things like golf and going to the gym. I reminded myself these are things I have to make time for. So, I will work on it and let you know.

I think during most of the walk, I thought about being a business owner and the freedom and personal satisfaction that goes with being your own boss. I also thought about the challenges that go with it as well. But one thought consumed me. What can I do to enjoy more success? Have you ever had the same thought? I am sure you have.

For some reason, the answer to my question came to the light. I was hearing the words of Zig Ziglar. Yep, Mr. Ziglar. He always says "you can have what ever you want by helping enough people get what they want." Until my walk, his words appeared lost to me. But now, I was seriously entertaining the meaning of these words.

After much thought about what I want, I asked another question of myself. What do other people want? Obviously, the answer has a broad scope. So, I began to think about in it relative terms. I modified the question a little and asked myself what do I have or what can I offer that people want? Boy, that loaded me up. I am now on a mission to figure that out. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, here is a little suggestion for you. Take a walk. And while you are at it, ponder these questions yourself.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Video Voice group on LinkedIn

I recently started a group on Linked In. The group is The Video Voice. I am inviting everyone interested in video communication. That's right! I know the technology has been around and getting better. But truly I am just getting started using it to connect with prospects, clients, family and friends.

It clearly adds a new dimension. I am enjoying it. The only issue is getting use to seeing myself on camera. What a great looking guy I am - don't laugh.

I am surprised with the response so far. Some people seem ready for it and,...well some people don't see it yet. That's the way it is with most things. Some may remember when the first cell phones reached the market. A few had them, a few could afford them and believe they were user friendly. The magic word is "few." Things are more equitable with video communication technology. Just about everyone can afford to use it.

If you take a look at the cell phones just about everyone you know has a cell phone. Some have more than one. The technology has only advanced - it's even SMART.

I dare say that video communication will catch the same fire. The only question is are you going to be ahead of the curve or behind it. Now is the time to become an early adopter. The benefits may be well worth. But, it's entirely up to you.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Initial Meaning

How many initials come after your name? This week while meeting with a group of people the discussion turned to the subject of initials. It may sound strange, but is it?

I think of it as a type of branding or classifying system. For education you have the basic AA, BA or BS, MA or MS, and Ph.D, MD, JD etc. Then there are the specialties AIA, CPC, CMEC, DDS, CPA and the list goes on. What does it all mean?

I am sure it depends on who you ask. But for sure in a crowded field it seems we all need to be able to acknowledge our achievements or set ourselves apart from others. There is no doubt we are all individual and unique. Does it really matter what initials follow your name?

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could all be okay using the only initials we were given at birth. Who are you anyway and what is the initial meaning?